Marta Klonowska (b. 1964, Warsaw, Poland) - Animal sculptures made from shattered glass pieces. Represented by: Lorch + Seide Gallery.

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19th Century Author Biographies book cover series by Hilary Gaby

Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, & Mark Twain
The concept for this biographical book cover series was centered around the author’s place of origin, and features elements that directly reference those places. A papercraft technique was used to create a three dimensional landscape scene which would enforce the idea of the author’s setting and help achieve a sense of cohesiveness through out the series.
I chose to incorporate fences and other small icons to depict the author’s life and to help illustrate what kind of environment these literary legends were exposed to and how that had direct influence on  some of the most famous stories in history.

Those are lovely.

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The exhibition “Bound and Beyond: Structure in Book Art,” opens this Friday, September 19, and runs through October 10 in the UWM Union Art Gallery. Drawn primarily from the Book Arts Collection in Special Collections at the UWM Libraries, this show explores the innovative, structural ways in which artists conceive of the book as art. Max Yela, head of UWM’s Special Collections, will offer the opening gallery talk this Friday at 7 pm. Here’s a sampling of book works in the show.
Jeffrey Morin. “Sacred Space.”
Stevens Point, Wis., sailorBOYpress, 2003.
Maryann Riker. “Women’s Work 1.”
Phillipsburg, N.J.: JUSTARIP Press, 2009.
Jessica Poor. “Surrogate #5, Male.”
Milwaukee, Wis.: Fez Monkey Press, 2006.
Linda Smith. “House of Cods.”
Phoenix, Ariz.: Picnic Press, 1996.
Jody Williams. “Still Sense.”
Minneapolis, Minn.: Flying Paper Press, 2008.
Roberta Lavadour. “Relative Memory II”
Pendleton, Or.: Mission Creek Press, 2008.
Karen Hanmer. “Bluestem”
Glenview, Ill.: Karen Hanmer, 2006.
Claire Van Vliet. “Night Street.”
West Burke, Vt.: Janus Press, 1993.
Caren Heft. “Human Volcano.”
Stevens Point, Wis.: Arcadian Press, 2013.
Petra Press. “I Want a Prenup.”
Milwaukee, Wis.: Petra Press, 2005.
Daniel Kelm. “Neo Emblemata Nova.”
Easthampton, Mass: Wide Awake Garage, 2005.

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The ring unfolds into an armillary sphere, used to show the movement of the planets around the sun. (England, 1750 - 1800) x

screeching noises


The ring unfolds into an armillary sphere, used to show the movement of the planets around the sun. (England, 1750 - 1800) x

screeching noises

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Book bracelet, English, circa 1875


I would really like one of these. I would wear the hell out of a book bracelet.

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Video Series Visiting Bauman Rare Books- The University of Iowa Libraries


Our entire video series visiting Bauman Rare Books to chat with Rebecca Romney, is finally on YouTube.  Salvador Dalí’s illustrations for Alice in Wonderland, a Shakespeare quarto, a first edition of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and a Latter Day Saints guide for traveling west in 1848 all make an appearance.



It’s Miniature Monday, folks!

Today we have eight volumes from Miniature Dictionary Publisher’s, Inc., published circa 1925.  The firm was operated by the Minkus brothers in New York City, and frequently published miniature volumes of well-known works and dictionaries.  These books were often used to advertise businesses like banks, hotels and department stores; the business in question would have its named stamped on the back of each volume it sold.  None of these copies are stamped; but the leather wallet binding and gilt-stamped titles as well as the pink-edged text blocks are characteristic of MDP Inc.  Another charming thing about these books are their bookplates—I have never seen a miniature bookplate before!  These books have a wonderful feel to them—their chunky shape and soft leather bindings make them seem almost edible!  Stop by and see them before I eat them today!

Various Authors. The Little Webster, Love and Other Stories (2 ediitons), The Arabian Nights Entertainments, The Golden Treasury of English Songs, Don Quixote, Paradise Lost, Hamlet and Macbeth.  New York: Miniature Dictionary Publisher’s, Inc. 1925.  Charlotte Smith Miniatures Collection, Uncatalogued.  Gift of Carol Kapell in memory of Paula B. Deems

Information on the volumes gathered from: Edison, Julian I.. Miniature Book News #90: 1996 September.  St. Louis, Missouri.  UNT Digital Library.

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Orbital Mechanics by Tatiana Plakhova 

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